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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Im Back!!

Back from a lovely weekend in the Brecon was pretty naff, but the company, hotel and scrapping were fab!

Laughed until our sides ached (and I very nearly peed my pants LOL)

So big thanks to my pardnas in crime, June, Hurdygurdy, the 'quiet one', the oober crazy (and talented) jools and Julie.......loves ya very bones I do :P.....oooh and I forgot about 'Terry the turtle', who made us laugh all the way home. Which I may add was about 4 hours as we got lost again!

Thanks to Chrissie for the fab organisation as per usual.


  1. LOFL at Terry Turtle!!!!!!
    glad he arrived safe and sound :-D
    Love ya loads and loads TAT
    Hurdygurdy xxxxxx

  2. ooh forgot to say next time I'll bring the Tena Lady hahahaha