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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I have a job!

Yep! Ive been offered a job, so blinkin chuffed. Had my 2nd interview last Friday, felt it had gone horribly wrong, but no, they called me Monday to offer me a position.....cant wait to get back into the working world....going slightly stir crazy at home.

Dont get me wrong the website is doing great, but with both deb and I running it, the work load is halved so i do have some free time....not only that, but I can go for days without socialising LOL and unfortunately if I talk to the cats, they dont for some reason answer back!

Other news; hubby had a birthday last week. We didnt do much but stinky did her very first scrap page for him. Mummy helped her with the title and brads, but the rest was her own 'sticking' as she calls it.

Ok blogger is NOT letting me upload, so Ill try and post it later


  1. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Oh YEY Jackie that's FANTASTIC!!! Well done you! What you going to be doing then? Manager of the Bank of England? Lord Rear Admiral?

  2. tried to comment there but it fell over

    basically I was saying yay! well done!!

    Brill news about the job!