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Sunday, September 24, 2006

crop day

Went to the Birmingham crop today and can honestly say really enjoyed myself. Even managed to do a layout too, which is unusual for me as Im either to busy yakking or being indecisive about what Im actually going to do.

Sat down last night with an idea and actually sketched it, another first for me.

Also got to see the new Cricut in action, thanks Karyn.....its fab! I definately need one, well thats what I keep telling myself anyway. Love all the different letters/words etc you get on one cartridge and its user friendly which I like.

Oh and I mustnt forget to mention the gorgeous homemade cheesecake, someone brought in....with double cream and baileys in it, it was just much for sticking to my ww plan eh.

Have to go and get weighed tomnorrow night, not sure how Ive done this week at all. Been thinking that maybe I need to get some more excersise. Had a brain wave the other day....years ago I used to go to keep fit and excersise to Jane Fondas workout (1982) and it was really good. So I thought hmmm I have that on tape you think I can find it. Anyway happened to mention it to 'N' yesterday and she piped up 'oh dont you remember, me and 'M' made up that play and taped it over your Jane Fonda cassette....erm no, I dont remember, but 'N' assures me I gave them a right row for it LOL.

So if anyone has a copy of the Jane Fonda workout from 1982 (now deleted, sadly, so unable to buy it) and no longer needs it, wants it, or would like to loan it to me please let me know, thank you very muchly.


  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

  2. I've got the Rosemary Conley 'Salsa Dancing' tape. We could sit and watch that sometime. lol.

  3. Anonymous8:41 pm

    lol Jakkii I remember that video! Is it the one where you had to drive a tractor to get rid of the old bingo wings? Mum also had the Green Goddess LP with exercises on the inner sleeve she used to dress up in her burgandy shiny leotard and tights to do it on a Friday night in our living room.

  4. hi jacqui
    thanks for popping by my blog
    you are a winner!!!!

  5. thanks anon just bagged myself a Jane Fonda video....thanks for the link