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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feeling hot!

And not just with the weather. I now have my second bad cold of the year, coughing, temperature the works. Even Dave had to have 3 days off as he felt so awful with it too.

Plus my pretibial myxedema is out with a bloody vengance. I hate it!! Havent had any lumps for about 18 months now I have 4, 3 on one leg and one starting on the other and they hurt like mad. Im sure the weather isnt helping either.

Call me a misery but I hate this weather change. One day its cold then next absolutely scorching, why cant we have some sort of happy medium.

Its just too hot to do anything!

For my friends that have asked, no news on the job front, though did have another interview today, went despite feeling rather c**p, so fingers crossed its paid off and that I havent just spread my germs for nothing LOL.


  1. Aww Jackie. Sorry you're not well :( DH has the man flu at the mo, so that's awful ;)
    Tell that lady in the video down there that punk rockers didn't wear flowers in their hair - duh!

  2. haha shes when she says flowers in her hair shes referring to '69

  3. Hope you've had positive news about the job hun!
    Hugs and healing vibes ++++++