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Friday, April 28, 2006

wow 2 posts in one day I really do need to get a job!

well actually its all chrissies fault, there I was minding my own, doing my scrapping when I get a message......youve been tagged, check my blog!

So just for goes:

1. 5 things in my fridge:

Mouldy lettuce (diet has gone too well this week, can you tell)
Half a bottle of OJ
Half a tub of houmous
Numerous bottles of salad dressing
Lump of cheddar
(I really need to go shopping!)

2. 5 things in my wardrobe

My winter Coat
lots of shoes and bags
Lots of Daves clothes, not as many as mine though LOL
a box of keepsakes, drawings/cards that my kiddywinks made when they were little

3. 5 things in my bag:

Pack of Tissues
Nurofen (well a girl has to be prepared you know)
Mobile phone
At least a dozen pens hiding amongst my lippy
ok that was 6 things

4. 5 things in my car

Bettys McDonald wrappers
At least 1 empty coffee cup
Pack of Travel sweets
2 pairs of my shoes
A sleeping bag that has been in the car since easter weekend away.

5. 5 programmes I would save on Tivo (if I had it!)

Ok whats Tivo?????

Im presuming its some sort of recorder??

my programmes:

Extreme makeover, home edition (for the awws and cry factor)

So thats it boring person arent I........hmm so who should I tag next....ooh I know, Sally (of course), Cath, Jackie and Claire me thinks


  1. Hi Jak!
    Had fun!! & Played the Blog tag game!!


  2. LOL...that's hilarious. Your FRIDGE!! Too funny. And your handbag is a mobile pharmacy!! Thanks for doing it!

  3. I've done mine - that was fun :)

  4. I've done mine Aunty Jackie!