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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Blog Tagged!

Ive been blog tagged by the lovely Claire

So heres my 'twos'

2 - names you go by: Jackie and Jak
2 - parts of your heritage: English and English hehe
2 - of your everyday essentials: My computer and coffee
2 - of your favorite bands or musical artists: Savage Garden and Journey
2 - favorite songs: So beautiful - Darren Hayes and Open Arms by Journey
2 - things you want in a relationship (other than real love): Smiley faces and Tolerance
2 - physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): Eyes and teeth
2 - of your favorite hobbies: Scrapbooking and music
2 - things you want really badly: declutter my house! and travel the world
2 - places you want to go on vacation: Venice and Rome
2 - things you want to do before you die: Travel the world and ensure my guys are happy
2 - ways that you are stereotypically a chick: I lurve stinky stuff and fairies
2 - things you are thinking about now:How Im going to complete this when I havent even thought about most things and is it bedtime yet?
2 - stores you shop at: Asda and Next
2 - things that scare you: Deep Water and dying
2 - people I would like to see take this quiz: Cath and Kirsty

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  1. stinky stuff and fairies!! me too!