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Friday, September 02, 2005

Scrapajack has landed on planet Internet!

Well the website has been launched, its all so exciting and definately worth all the stress and worry.

Had the most fab messages from friends (you know who you are) and other fellow scrappers, really chuffed.

Mind you today seems to be bit a of an anti-climax and just an ordinary day :D

That means I have housework to catch up with and titles to handcut for the class tomorrow. Did actually sit down this morning (yes it was lazy) and watch the film White Noise. It was bliss just coffee and Michael Keaton :D

Hope whoever is reading has a great weekend x


  1. Very many loads of congratulations Jackie!

  2. oh wow've just barely opened your store? by the looks of it, I would have thought you had been long open. Well done!! Your store looks FAB!!