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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Rubbish day so far, things not going to plan.

However, things will get better just need to organise myself more and be more positive.

Have a busy weekend ahead, with visitors. Also have 2 Circle Journals to complete for next week.

First one will be easy as its fairies, but the 2nd is Memories of the 70's. Being a teen in the 70's I remember loads, but how do I put it all down on paper.

What papers do I use, what colours shall I go with?! The only thing I have planned is the Sign in pages, which will be 'decorate your tag with a picture of your favourite film from the 70's'.

What is a Circle Journal and how does it work?

A group of friends get together, each with a themed journal (like the 70's).

The journals are usually bought or made. You then cover it using scrapbooking papers/embellishments in line with your chosen theme.

Before passing your journal on, you also do an intro regarding your likes and dislikes, and a 2 page layout of your own.

You can if you wish also create a sign in page, and get everyone who has completed a layout to sign and decorate a tag.

The journals are passed round in a circle with each member contributing to the books and passing them.

The journals are each passed to the next person in line on a specified date (usually a 2 or 3 week turn around). When you receive a journal, you look at the theme and the owner’s likes/dislikes and create a layout.

When you have finished you wait for the next posting date and pass it on, receiving the next one, until your own book gets back to you.

Its really exciting and inspirational to see everyones pages.


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    I hope you weekend goes well!